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What we do

We help you analyse and understand the bottle necks in your business, then co-create and implement solutions using web-based software.

Regardless of your industry-specific needs, we can assist you with tailored systems to improve your organisation’s ability to scale and serve customers or simply enabling your ability to manage, interpret and respond to data.

We have implemented solutions across three continents including clinical data management, customer & lead management, auction management and e-commerce.

While we focus on web-based systems using PHP technology we can also build solutions for desktop and mobile. Read more about our services here.

How we do it

We work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation, including research, site visits and observation of the status quo. We endeavour to understand your pain points, bottle necks and vision, then map out a clear plan on how to help you scale up.

Our software solutions aim to streamline or innovate your processes, collate all relevant data in one place and provide the ideal basis for continued and sustained growth, freeing you up to focus on running the business while the software takes care of the tedious everyday tasks.

We follow an agile approach, working with you to constantly evolve the requirements while our development team ensures we build whatever system you need within a given deadline and to the highest of standards.