Tailored Customer Relationship Management

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Central communications hub

We create a central communication hub for your business, without impeding on your existing technology choices. Regardless of whether you use Outlook or Google Apps for Business, we can integrate your custom CRM without you even noticing.

This way all e-mails to/from customers are automatically captured and stored in your central repository which you can access via your user-friendly web interface.

If you use VoiP and depending on your provider we can also automatically capture call recordings and allocate them to your customers based on phone numbers.

One customer record for all

Streamline yourself by keeping your entire customer database synchronized. Whether an initial enquiry, quote, sale or a follow-up, all your information is centralized in one place and accessible for all employees.

Track your employees’ and customers’ activities

Easily see the latest interactions an employee or customer has had, understand what needs to be done to close a sale or rectify a problem by having all relevant information at your finger tips.

Automate repetitive pre-sales tasks

After a customer enquiry through your website or via phone do you always send them roughly the same information by e-mail? Do you always share similar documents? Our systems take this manual burden off your hands by allowing fully automated and templated e-mails to go out to customers. The intelligent template engine recognizes the type of customer and product(s) and adapts accordingly, allowing you to focus on the important part of business: conversion and servicing.

Let technology take care of qualifying your leads.

Know your statistics

Do you know exactly who is interested in your products, how many people contact you and as a result how many sales you close?

With an integrated tailored CRM solution we can track all these statistics and many more on an easy-to-use dashboard for you to analyse and adapt to if necessary.

The first step to higher sales is knowing why some potential customers aren’t committing to your business.