Mobile Development

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 Why go mobile?

The world is consistently moving towards mobile, smartphones are as accessible and affordable as ever and high-speed mobile internet is becoming the norm even in developing countries.

There are numerous reasons why you should make use of mobile applications, some of the benefits include:

  • Tracking orders and order fulfilment
  • Tracking employee movement and time
  • Stock tracking
  • Quick access to CRM/customers
  • Enabling customers to browse and purchase products on the go
  • Serve critical product/service information to customers

Android vs iPhone vs HTML5

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. We can develop native Android and iPhone applications as well as interactive HTML5 apps that run in any mobile browser.

With Android you have an ever-growing market share and a variety of devices to choose from, with iPhone you’ve got the high-end market and you always know what device your app will be run on, with HTML5 you’ve got an app that’ll work anywhere anytime but requires an internet connection most of the time.

Why not give us a shout and let us know your requirements and we can design a tailored solution to suit your needs.