Understanding your business is our business

We don’t just put together content on a website, we design a system with your needs in mind. We ensure all our software is built to the latest technology standards.

We guide you from understanding the initial business case and requirement to designing the system visually and technically before implementing it together with you.

Before we begin to design a solution for your business we perform an in-depth analysis of your current operating procedures and performance. Based on this we can identify key paint points which we then aim to resolve using software solutions coupled with possible minor process tweaks.

Our agile development approach allows you to alter the requirements and features at any time, giving you maximum control over your project.

Co-creation is the essential key to developing IT infrastructure that adapts to your business and doesn’t require your business to adapt to it.

Online is the future, and the future is here

Whether you need an online store, a tailored internal management suite, custom lead management or massive enterprise-level solutions, we can deliver.

With years of experience in online software development and implementation we can assure you that you are in good hands.

Some of the systems we’ve build in the past include

  • Auction Management
  • Clinical Data Management Systems (download_18x24 Download Case Study)
  • Lead acquisition and management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Interactive Search Engine
  • Online Shopping

Let technology do the grunt work and focus on your products and customers.

The world is going mobile

The world is going mobile, and we recognize this. Apart from our world-class online software solutions we can build beautiful mobile applications for you.

We can build Android, iPhone or even HTML5 Browser applications, allowing you to capture the valuable mobile market or simply enable mobility within your business.

Possible use cases for mobile applications in your business include:

  • Monitoring orders and order fulfilment
  • Quick access to customer and sales information
  • Allowing customers to interact with and purchase your products
  • Updated information for & from employees on the road
  • Tracking of employee and stock movements

Enable customer access to your products from anywhere, anytime.


We focus on web-based solutions as we believe a big part of the future for small to medium-sized lies in the cloud. However we have the ability to develop solutions in a variety of languages and platforms, including mobile applications and desktop-based applications.

PHP, MySQL & Javascript

Our core competency. These are our basic tools we use everyday in building beautiful solutions for your business. Additionally we make use of the Yii PHP Framework and occasionally Bootstrap for front-end development.

Android & iPhone development

Though we focus on web-based business solutions we recognize these may sometimes require mobile counterparts. To ensure you gain the most from your solution we can build correlating mobile applications allowing you to monitor performance, track orders or allowing your customers to interact with your business.

.NET Development

If a web-based solution is not an option for you, for any variety of reasons, we have a team of competent developers proficient in .NET development. We are able to deliver any business requirement as a desktop-based solution to your business and can maintain your existing systems for you as well.