Started as a freelance web-development shop, Laine (formerly known as mikehub.net web development) has evolved into a software solutions provider that shows continuous successes in taking businesses to their next level.

Michael Hubbard (right) started freelancing at the age of 16 and has garnered extensive experience not only in designing static websites but in developing full-service management software for the web. With a Bachelor of  Commerce specializing in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town and 9 years experience in the industry Michael is perfectly positioned to build the solution you need.

Laine allows you maximum return on investment through our mixed development approach. While you are dealing with a fully South African company and consultants our development team is situated in India, allowing us to dynamically scale our capacity to your needs while reducing your costs. Our consulting team regularly visits the Indian office to co-design solutions with the development team and oversee the project.

Quality is important, and we recognize that. That is why we hire only the best developers and put a lot of emphasis on building a good understanding of your requirements. We go into projects for the long-haul and many of our past clients have stayed with us for numerous years.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who can help you grow like never before, look no further. No project is too big or too complicated for us.